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Chips in the UK will never be the same again.

Fresh, twice-fried chips with the tasty range of sauces and/or seasoned fries are taking Europe by storm.

More sales and profit margin for YOU.

Thousands of outlets in Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy & Saudi Arabia have large queues of customers, some selling over 1,000 portions of tasty, saucy fries in one night. Franchise chains are springing up too, such as Queens Chips (31 outlets opened since 2014)

Masterchips Amsterdam (22 outlets)

& Chipstar (16 outlets)

While 97% people like chips, customers love twice-fried, fresh fries, but it is the endless combination of flavours from our tasty sauces & seasonings that really get customers interested.

fries potato delivery

(Typical Potato Delivery At A European Fries Outlet Using the Sauces)

Such is the popularity of these fries sauces that Manna’s exports doubled in the last three years and their turnover last year was 25.8 million euros.


*   Twice-frying makes fries taste much better. In our streetfood fries trials we have lots of regular customers, some even coming back for more the same day.

* You can offer twice-fried fresh fries as an alternative and charge extra.

* Your reputation for fantastic chips will spread, bring positive TripAdvisor reviews & more traffic.

After the first fry, the chips are left to cool down.

This lets the excess liquid dry.
When they are fried for a second time at a higher temperature, that initial fried exterior turns into a sheath, preventing oil from seeping into them.

This gives the fries a crispy, crunchy outer shell & soft, steamy fluffy interior, keeping the real potato taste.

* It is not difficult. Buy ready washed potatoes. Do not peel, just cut on a hand cutter.

* Fry the chips till golden, put into trays,  then later refry them for 45-55 seconds for each customer.

twice fry chips


Check out our vast video and photo selection on our Facebook page, to see these fries and the crowds of customers they attract. Some outlets you will see, need security doormen they are so busy.

Great for fish & chip shops, pizza outlets, burger bars, kebab shops… basically any restaurant or takeaway that sells fries/chips.

If you want more customers through your doors and tasty add-ons to sell at more margins, saucy & seasoned fries are the way forward.

Streetfood Fries Sales Test

sauces salts pie chart

So far, we have testing twice fried fresh fries, with an option of Manna Sauces or our seasonings for four months. We sell from our mobile unit in Darlington Market on Saturdays and Newcastle Quayside Market on Sundays.


To date just 20% of customers prefer the fries traditional with just standard salt & vinegar and no sauce. Many of these portions are for children. 39% love sauces on their fries, while 41% like the various flavour seasonings on their chips.

The numbers are actually larger than this on sauces and seasonings as a large proportion wanted both e.g. Nacho Cheese seasoning with Cheese sauce.


Across Europe, Manna Slott sauces, available in 20 delicious flavours are extremely popular. We have tried them ourselves and know how popular they are with the UK public.

The unique, patented, Slott dispensing system looks and works like a cow udder. It allows easy, economical, hygienic, ambient temperature dosage of tasty sauces onto fries, burgers, sausages and more. No more sauces in fridges!

The Slott sauce dispensers are very easy to use quickly, to get fast turnaround of large customer numbers.

Each bottle has an eye for a hook so they can be hung in a straight line, double row or on a carousel (available for purchase). Some outlets have clear perspex sheets with holes to hold the bottles.

manna slotts

Slotts in Use in Italy

queens chips slotts

How the Slotts Work

manna slott banana

Sauce Carousel

manna slott carousel




We knew how popular the Manna Sauces were so researched the world market extensively for flavoured fries (or chips).

The vast majority are independents but so far we have found..

Over 1,300 successful flavoured fries franchises worldwide.

The most successful franchise, Queen’s Chips in Italy, as mentioned earlier are now doing seasonings as well as Manna Slott sauces.

We have looked at each franchise, picked out the best bits, researched various salts and seasonings and have developed our own range.

Flavours include Nacho Cheese, Garlic & Parsley, Curry, Thai Wok, Peri Peri, Chinese 5 Spice, Smoked Salt, Thyme & Lemon, Rosemary & Chilli Explosion.

seasoned fries



and you will find more info and examples on our Facebook page

To contact us, please email sales@saucyfries.co.uk