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Chips in the UK will never be the same again.

Fresh, hand cuttwice-fried chips, topped with a range of tasty range of sauces and/or salts

are taking the world by storm.

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Hundreds of outlets in Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy & Saudi Arabia have huge queues of customers, some selling over 1,000 portions of tasty, saucy fries in just one night.

The tasty fries craze has also successfully taken off in Australia, USA , South America & the Far East.

Our extensive research found over 1,500 successful flavoured fries outlets around the world. 

Here are a few examples….

While research shows 97% people like normal chips – customers absolutely love twice-fried, fresh french fries.

Our fries fries have a crispy, crunchy outer shell & a soft, steamy, fluffy interior – keeping the real potato taste.

 But it is the tasty sauces & seasonings that really get customers interested.

With a huge range of sauces and salts to mix and match, we have something for everyone – from garlic to chilli, cheese to curry. 

fries potato delivery

(Typical Potato Delivery At A European Fries Only Outlet)

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* We have over 30 years experience working with well-known national brands.

* We researched the flavoured fries market extensively worldwide, looking at over 1,500 franchises

(we are the only flavoured fries franchise in the UK).

* From those formats, flavours, ingredients, menus, equipment, store layouts and marketing, we picked out the best bits, that are most suitable to the UK market.

* We then tested twice-fried fresh fries, with varying options of fries sizes, oils, sauces & seasonings for over a year. The trial used our bespoke, hand built, mobile unit at Darlington Market & Newcastle Quayside Market. From these trials we have found the most popular salts, & sauces, how best to maximise frying capacity/timing for the perfect results, storage, equipment, queue management etc. For example, just 20% of customers preferred traditional fries with just standard salt & vinegar or ketchup.


We also looked at the franchise model offered in other countries to potential partners – then decided to be different.

We do not ask for a large upfront franchise fee. Initially we only ask you to cover our actual expenses in helping you.

Then only require a small percentage of sales (and there is a huge mark up remember!).

We will soon be opening our first land based store,  but we are looking to rapidly expand with franchisees.

For more details on our franchise offers – please visit our “Franchise” page