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Our salts & seasonings are VERY popular.

Whatever anyone’s tastes, we have a seasoning to interest each customer and make their tasty fries even better, so that they will talk about them, come back for more of the same, or want to try more flavours.


Chilli Explosion  

Chinese 5 Spice

Curry Rock Salt  

Garlic & Parsley

Moroccan Salt    

Nacho Cheese

Peri Peri    

Rosemary Salt

Smoked Salt    

Thai Wok  

Thyme & Lemon & Bay Salt  

Our salts/seasonings are a low cost investment, that compliment the sauces well. The two combined offer a huge range of potential interesting tasty combinations for customers – but only take seconds to serve.

These seasonings also offer large mark ups and healthy extra profit.

Not only will an extra charge for twice fried chips, salts and sauces make you more money, they will bring you many more customers too.