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Tasty Sauces & Salts for Twice Fried Chips

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Exclusive, convenient, hygienic, economical…

Manna produce a unique and exclusive range of sauces in a dispensing system called “Slotts”. Slotts are a patented system, developed for a convenient and economical way of dosing sauces like cow udders.

Each slott contains approximately 2.5 litres of sauce.

An easy pump system (we call “banana”) is fixed to the bottom of the Slott bottle.

The Slott bottle hangs on a light and small carousel that holds 2 to 6 Slotts.

Alternative the bottles can be hung in rows on hooks or suspend in circular holes of perspex sheets. We can supply the carousel option.

The pump is made of soft rubber. Inside it, a floating system ensures no leakage. The simple pump allows the owner to easily squeeze the desired quantity of sauce.

The unique system is hygienic, easy to install and much more compact than other sauce systems.

As you can see to set gravity working a tiny section at the top of the bottle is cut off with a knife. The bottom of the banana has a small hole to deliver small sauce dosages that can be widened by cutting off tiny pieces with scissors for wider dosing.

manna slotts


Red sauce with capers,
chervil and onions
Dijon Mustard
Spicy version of
the classic mustard
Classic sauce, mildly spicy
Tomato Ketchup
Classic sauce made with the finest Italian tomatoes
Seasoned and a bit spicy.

Fries sauce
A ‘light’ version of Mayonnaise, 25% oil content
Garlic sauce
Sweet Fries sauce
Typical sweet mayo sauce, loved by all Dutch consumers.


Unique, sweet and mildly spicy
Hot Shot
Ultra hot! Deliciously spicy
Mix of peppers
A classic with real whisky
Sweet sauce with
fresh pieces of onion
Spicy with red chili peppers
and Oriental herbs
Classic yellow curry sauce
Spicy tomato and
mustard based sauce
Sweet tomato based with onions
Curry Ketchup
Delicious ketchup with curry
The real Belgian classic,
80% oil content
Mayonnaise based with parsley and onions


We developed a mobile fries trailer to test the Manna Sauces and our salts. It may look a little quirky (which helps us get noticed) but we designed it so it is small for towing and fits into a standard garage, but expands in height and width at sales locations to give more presence and ease of use.

Powered by LPG, the unit has twin fryers and lots of storage areas for gastronorm trays full of fries. It also has a hidden double sink for washing. Being open in all directions, the smell of the fries travels and draws customers.saucy fries trailer closed


We have been selling saucy gourmet fries in Darlington Market on Saturdays and the Newcastle Upon Tyne Quayside since September 2016. As expected the saucy and salty fries have been a great success. Customers love the fresh cut, twice fried chips with their choice of tasty sauce or salt… or both.

We have regular customers who come and see us every week and often customers come back the same day as their family have been fighting over them. Last Sunday a group came back three times. They got one portion between them to try. 30 minutes later a number of them bought varying flavours. Then an hour after that others succumbed and some wanted more – they had to queue too. This is in a location with over 20 other hot food stalls serving delicious food to choose from.


For our Manna sauce test we picked the flavours we thought would be more popular with the UK public. These were Barbecue,Burger, Cheese, Curry, Curry Ketchup,  Garlic (Pitta), Hot Shot, Pepper, Samourai, Snack Sauce & Spicy Tomato (American).

When you come to place an order we can tell you the proportion of what sauces we sold as a guide. There are 6 of the sauces that sold much more than the others, so those 6 on the Manna 6 sauce carousel (see pic on right) makes great sense for smaller outlets. The full range gives an exciting range for bigger premises who can order fewer quantities of the less popular flavours to give a more interesting range.

manna slott carousel




We would recommend, as per our tests that you follow the highly successful route across Europe of putting large portions of sauces on the fries. We are not saying that to sell you more sauces, it is the appeal of this that draws customers, who come back time and again. It is your point of difference – customers love them. Let them mix flavours to makre it more interesting egs Burger & Cheese or Garlic & Cheese are very popular. Mixing these with our flavoured salts is popular too.

We found a generous portion was c. 35g worth of sauce so estimate the cost per sauce portion of roughly 12-13p depending on the sauce flavours chosen as they have different weights and prices. (Prices exclude carriage or VAT).

A 20kg bag of potatoes bought from a cash & carry work out at 10p for a 200g serving.  No doubt in volume they can be bought for less. 

So a 23p ingredients cost for a portion of Saucy Fries that can sell for £2 upward. Cones and forks are coppers.



We know from experience that if there is one chip shop in a town selling twice fried Saucy Fries, it will rapidly gain customers from it’s competitors.  It will bump you up the TripAdvisor listings too. Get saucy fries before your competitors do.

Adding twice fried chips to your menu is not difficult. You just need some gastronorm trays (or we offer special trays designed specifically like this one..

saucy fries holder

to store the chips in after the first fry. The second quick dip to order only takes seconds. Not only will your twice fried chips be much more tasty and popular, you can charge a premium for the twice fried ones (and still sell once fried obviously if you want at the old price). In effect you are getting more for exactly the same product for just a tiny bit of staff time. Not only that, but how often do you have customers waiting for chips to be done? With a stock of once fried customers never have to wait for more than seconds.

There is something to suit everyone’s tastes in the sauce range. You decide how much extra to charge for them. Add margin or with the big margin on twice fried chips just charge them at cost to get trial & is up to you.

It is something everyone in the town will talk about too..the local press often cover it. Revitalise your fish & chip business today!

The only cost to trial this are some bottles of sauce. But we do offer personal branded Menus and POS at low costs too. Contact us at

chips queue



Twice fried chips with these Manna sauces are well proven in over 2,000 takeaways throughout Europe and growing. Some outlets sell over 1,000 portions on a Saturday night.

Belgium, Holland, Germany, France Spain, Italy & Saudi Arabia are all expanding rapidly using them. Why not start the trend in the UK and make some money. Saucy Fries are tasty,with very good margins, simple & quick to make and very very popular.

Whatever you sell, these saucy fries go well with pizzas, burgers, kebabs, fried chicken or curry.

Not only that but the sauces go great put direct onto most hot foods especially burgers and hot dogs. The garlic pitta sauce is perfect for kebabs.

Do you want to see the queue outside your door or another takeaway in town? 

Contact us at


Our franchise expert with over 15 years experience and our marketing team are busy putting together an exciting franchise package for anyone interested in going down that route.

It will be ready in the next few months.

We will help you find premises, look out for grants, sort out fixtures and fittings, branding, equipment, launch, media, website.. the works.

Register your interest now in our cost effective franchise package and be one of the first Saucy Fries franchise successes in the UK. Email